Frequently Asked Questions

MainFix has access to multiple tradespeople within all regions to ensure quality and reliability. Our desired result will always be to use a local tradesperson.

Maintenance is the preservation of an existing surface, object or product that is affixed to your property. Maintenance is usually surrounded by things that are aged or in a position that they will wear and tear e.g. rusted flashings from age or proximity to the ocean, blistered paint from weathering, or a deck that has deteriorated from not being oiled.


An agreement you made with your Insurance Company when you took out your Insurance Policy specifies that it is your responsibility to ensure your home is kept well maintained and water tight. Your Insurance Company will not cover any damage that did not occur during a single event (e.g. storm, fire, break-in).


Therefore, if there are maintenance issues due to general wear and tear these may not be covered under your policy. This is where MainFix can assist you to manage and complete your required maintenance.


Your Insurance Company may issue you a letter outlining what maintenance needs to be completed and the timeframe in which it will need to be completed.


MainFix with an extensive knowledge of the insurance industry will be able to quote manage and complete any maintenance repairs ensuring that your insurance claim can proceed without any delays.

No, you do not need to be present. Our tradespeople are fully licensed and qualified, all tradespeople undergo regular quality and licence checks. Whilst our tradespeople will always advise you when they are going to be on site, as long as they have access and permission from yourself to attend, you will not need to be there. However, if you prefer to be present at the time, we can confirm bookings and organise repairs accordingly.

Once you return your approval to proceed a MainFix representative will contact you to organise the repairs to commence at the earliest convenient date. This will be dependent on the availability of materials, weather, and trades as specific to the scope of works. At the commencement of repairs, you will receive an indicative schedule for the repairs, and we will keep you fully informed throughout the process.

If whilst your MainFix tradesperson onsite discovers any additional issues while carrying out repairs, you will be notified immediately and provided with a quote/cost for you to approve so that the repairs are not delayed in anyway and we can ensure the repairs are completed seamlessly.

Your Repair Coordinator can be contacted by calling our office on 1300 909 224. Please have your job reference number ready as it will assist us in providing timely information with regard to your repairs.