Our Process

Assessment / Quote

Once you have contacted MainFix to request an assessment/quote, we will endeavour to have our Estimator attend your property within 3-5 working days. Our Estimator will meet you at your property to discuss the repairs and identify any additional repairs required or potential damage that may need further action.


When necessary and applicable, MainFix can perform specialist reports, including, but not limited to:

  • Roof Reports
  • Plumbing/Leak Detection Reports
  • Asbestos Reports
  • Electrical Reports
  • Engineering Reports


The Estimator will then provide a scope and price based on what information was gathered on site. We will aim to have all documentation to you within 2-5 working days. The scope of works will detail the repairs to be carried out, along with a repair cost. From there, you will either decline the job, in which case we close it, or authorise the job, and we can move to the repairs process.


Once you have authorised the repairs to proceed, you will then be contacted by one of our administrative team to organise start time frames and managing requirements of your repairs. You will then be allocated a tradesperson that will be performing the works at your property, along with a supervisor to watch over all aspects of your repair.


The administration team or Supervisor will then call you to discuss the repairs, advise which of our trades will be attending and arrange commencement and estimated completion dates (subject to materials, weather conditions, etc.). Our trades may be scheduled to meet you on site prior to commencement to go through the works, colour selections, and any other potential questions you may have, before doing a final measure for materials to be ordered (if applicable). This ensures that if any issues are raised, they are resolved before repairs begin, minimising any potential delays.


You will have a supervisor with years of experience and a clear understanding around the importance of quality communication. This allows work to progress smoothly. The administration team and the Supervisor will work together to maintain regular contact with you throughout the entire repair process. Any changes to the schedule or issues (e.g. delays from rain) are communicated as soon as they are identified.


If any unforeseen damage is discovered during the repairs process, we will discuss with the you directly and submit a variation for consideration if necessary. Once the variation decision has been determined the repairs can resume.


Our trades are all highly skilled in their respective trades – professional in their approach and the quality of work they produce. Each trade completes a safety sign off and returns a customer satisfaction certificate signed to confirm that the customer is satisfied with the repairs to date.

This allows us to monitor quality, repair timeframes and to resolve any issues as they happen ensuring customer satisfaction at every step throughout the repairs process.


Once the repairs are complete, you will be contacted by our administrative team to ensure that you are satisfied with the works and the dealings you had with our company and our trades. We also ask that you sign and return a Completion Certificate that was provided in the initial documentation. We pride ourselves on quality, and gather information from our surveys to ensure our high standards are being consistently met. Once it is confirmed the customer is completely satisfied, we will close our file and send our invoice ready for payment.