Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused due to various reasons: flood and storm damage, plumbing failures or just an accident like leaving the bath running. Water damage to your home can become very stressful and heartbreaking as it can damage and spoil your home’s interiors, furniture, carpet, timber floors and even the structure of your house. Therefore, it is paramount to have an experienced team to attend fast and efficiently to mitigate any further and irreversible damages.


MainFix offers water and flood restoration services to multiple areas within NSW, ACT and QLD. Our experienced team of professionals are backed by the latest technology and equipment, which helps you get your property back in pre-damaged condition in no time. We will take care of the process from draining out water, to drying the property, to sanitising and mould cleaning, all done using the most up to date equipment available.


Our team closely inspects water damage to identify its root cause. We will strategise to mitigate and relieve from any further damages. Our IICRC accredited disaster professionals will identify the full scale of water storm damage to your property or business both obvious and unseen.


Water damage can rapidly create many unexpected difficulties and health issues for families and businesses. The key is to act quickly, and our 24/7 Emergency Response Team is on-call and ready to immediately respond to your loss or damage.